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Captivating Headshots
by Andrej Valko

Professional, business and actors headshot portraits in Nottingham

Does it show professionalism, confidence and approachability?

We all make initial judgement (consciously or subconsciously) right or wrong within just seconds of seeing one’s profile photograph.

Every one of us should make the right first impression – after all, it can be made only once.


I had a great experience with Andrej. Scheduling was very quick and simple, and throughout the shoot he was friendly and professional, and gave really useful direction to get the best out of me. I would definitely recommend him!

Liv Paige


As a professional, as a sole trader, as a part of a company or as an actor / actress, you have a brand of your own or you are a part of a collective brand also. You know that the brand, personal or corporate, should come across in the best possible way. In terms of confidence (i.e. that you know what you’re doing) and also approachability (i.e. so that your clients and peers feel welcome). This is especially true if you cannot be there in person and you need to make a great impression nevertheless.

Business is more personal than ever and it is expected to have your face attached to your name on your online profiles, articles, business cards, leaflets, banners, etc. This is where accurate, approachable yet confident portraits come into play, having a positive impact on your entire online and offline presence.

As humans, we connect with the face of one another the most. It is the first complex thing we learned to recognise visually (as babies) and we continue to “read” its fine changes in order to gauge the inner state of people but more importantly whether we can trust, work with and rely on them. If done well, your portrait greatly improves your brand. After all, what other means can make such an impact on such a profound level in just seconds?

Andrej is an absolute marvel, patient, knowledgeable , expert at putting you at ease , he doesn’t charge enough in my opinion for the time and effort he puts into each headshot. Communication is excellent, his pictures are amazing and the time he spends with you goes above and beyond.

Tracey Matthews





there is a bright side to all of us
let’s capture it