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Captivating Headshots
by Andrej Valko

Corporate LinkedIn headshot profile picture photographer near me

If you’re looking for a headshot photographer near you and you’re based in or near Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln, Peterborough or Leicester, feel free to get in touch. My studio is portable and I can travel to you if that’s more convenient.

I specialise in confident, engaging portraits that open opportunities and help you make the right impression even before you show up in person.

Headshot portraits are your deputies and thus they should show more than just your face – they should show the best version of yourself. I create such portraits, no matter how camera-shy you are or unsure of what to do – I’ll guide you and find the balance so that you come across as someone easy to work with and yet confident in your abilities (that you know what you’re doing). I believe that such body language and facial expressions are of the utmost importance if portraits are to achieve the desired effect.

Your face and your expression is a very important part of your personal or your company brand. Because it is the first thing that is normally seen, it contributes greatly towards the first impression and any other thereafter. Should you need impactful, captivating headshots, update your current ones or if you need another type of portrait, feel free to contact me by clicking on the enquire and book button or by e-mail .


there is a bright side to all of us
let’s capture it