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£90 £150 £390
  • 1 finished headshot
  • 1 look / style
  • 1 background
  • basic coaching *
  • 5 finished headshots
  • 2 looks / styles
  • 2 backgrounds
  • standard coaching *
  • 10 finished headshots
  • 5 looks / styles
  • 3 backgrounds
  • advanced coaching *

* Coaching is the most important part of the headshot session. This is where you will learn what to do and what looks best in the headshot. My coaching will guide you, make you feel at ease and allow you to show the best version of yourself. This is what helps to make the difference between average and exceptional.

Package that is TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS is also available (please let me know what you require by using the booking form below or the form on the contact page).

You can purchase extra photos within each package for £20 each extra headshot.

Simply use the form below to confirm the package, availability and ask any questions you may have:

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  • good mood and smile – if you forget everything below, remember these as they are the two most important assets 🙂
  • a couple of different outfits for the variety will come handy – smart, casual but most of all, clothes you feel good in,
  • as for styling – natural looking make-up and tidy hair works best for ladies – I work with a hair and make-up artist in case you want a professional to take care of that;
    as for us guys – again, my hair and make-up artist can help you with hair if needed. If you want a different look with beard and without for example, feel free to bring a razor in order to shave the beard off for the next part of the photoshoot.


The photo sessions are always light-hearted, relaxed and fun. If you are not sure about how to pose or look, and your practice in front of a mirror doesn’t look the best, no worries, I’ll guide you through certain steps tailored to you to show off your best features.

Depending on the type of the session, we go through different looks, moods and expressions and shoot multiple shots of each so you have plenty of great photos to choose from. We will review them together so you can see right there and then where we’re at and whether you want more photos and variations of a certain look.

If you want to know more about the process, feel free to ask:

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let’s capture it