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Captivating Headshots
by Andrej Valko


Dear parent,

Please, find your gallery of photos by pressing the button below.

NOTE: the photos are not edited, i.e. flyaway hair, temporary skin imperfections, etc. will be removed. The gallery contains previews only, i.e. at a low resolution so the photos (depending on the screen and zoom level) may not look as sharp as the original / full sized versions will.

IMPORTANT: Before you approve your selection, please, specify in the comment form (after you press ‘SEND COLLECTION’ button) your preferred format for your selected photos:

  1. digital file download (£15 / each photo)
  2. 8″ x 10″ print without a frame (£10 / each photo)
  3. 8″ x 10″ print with a frame:
      1. black (£20 / each)
      2. white (£20 / each)
      3. golden (£29 / each)
      4. silver (£29 / each)

    If you’d like multiple photos in different formats, you can specify the photograph followed by the format, i.e.  “photo #1 in black frame – option 3a, photo #2 as digital file – option 1”.)

  4. different size or format (please, specify what size or format you’d like to have.)

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there is a bright side to all of us
let’s capture it